Blog is back

October 13, 2021

Back? Was it even a thing before?

Ok, I thought a little bit before posting this. It goes a bit against of my ideals of only doing things that have purpose, value or reason. Why does it go against such ideals? Well, the title says 'Block is back', but although I did have a blog under this address before, it was never... a thing. I probably had a couple of different blogs under this address actually, and ok, one of them I even had more than a handful of posts. But it was far from having an audience. So that's the reason I think this post has no purpose - and at this stage, it's quite meta.

On purpose

But hey, if I REALLY thought this post had no purpose, I wouldn't be posting it, right? So what's that about? Well, let me explain (sure, Victor - explain to your inexisting audience, you have their permission): I believe that this blog is a good place to log my thoughts, channel a part of me that likes to do things. And ultimately, have a public conversation with myself. Oh, and if all goes well, also post my findings and finished projects, in case that is useful or interesting to other people.

On hope

So, at the moment of this post being written, this blog is a hope. This post is a hope. And also a start (or a restart), where I will be posting small thoughts, conclusions, conversations. I won't expect it to go viral, I won't expect it to be read, well ok, better phrasing: I won't judge the success of it by the amount of readers that I get - although I would be happy if people are interested on what I write and post here. But the ultimate 'hope' for this blog, is to be my personal guide/clutch. I'm a big advocate of journaling, so, when things go well, I will write it here, when things are foggy, I will write it here, when too many things... well, you guessed. Of course this won't be my 'everything journal' - this I keep to myself.

On... who am I

To finish this post, I thought of writing an introduction, but back to my first paragraph, I won't. Because it has no purpose, no value. If you are reading it, you most likely found my blog. If you found my blog, I'm probably posting things that attracted you. If I'm posting things that attracted you, I think that there will be no better way to describe myself, at least from the perspective and purpose of this blog.

A little silly things I thought and want to write down to finish this to feel wise: "You're defined from your past, directed by your intentions and pushed by your actions." - I was gonna add something smart about seeking the alignment of those 3 items as the ultimate goal, but started to get complicated... so lets leave it like that.

Have a nice day,